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Fair Compensation

Ensure that you’re fairly compensated when your artwork is reproduced.

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Administrative Tasks

ARS will administer your rights, per your requirements, and collect fees on your behalf.

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Free Membership

Membership in ARS is free and will lead to earnings if your artwork is licensed. 



Licensing Expertise

As experts in licensing rates and practices, ARS can uniquely handle your licensing needs.

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Legal Support

ARS offers gratis legal services to its members, as long as the issue concerns intellectual property.

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Global Representation

The ARS network of worldwide rights (of which there are 41) ensures your work is protected around the globe.


Advocacy for Artist’s Rights

ARS works with lobbyists and other organizations to fight for real change within the arts community, putting more control in creator’s hands.

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Strength in Numbers

With over 80,000 in the ARS roster, your career will benefit from membership within our global community.

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Artist Estates

ARS represents many artist’s estates and foundations and actively protects and promotes their rights.


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ARS has been handling rights requests for The Saul Steinberg Foundation for sixteen years, to the great benefit of the Foundation.  The processing of rights requests can be a complicated, time-consuming operation for the individual artist or artist’s representative.  By turning over all the paperwork and bookkeeping to the efficient people at ARS, the Foundation is relieved of this task.  Most important, the inclusion of the ARS credit line in captions and photo credits announces that a large, prestigious organization stands behind the artist. 
Sheila Schwartz

Research and Archives Director, The Saul Steinberg Foundation

Before signing with ARS permissions requests were a mess, with so much time spent answering and returning phone calls, issuing invoices, collection, you name it – not only has ARS relieved us of the tedious responsibility of issuing various permissions, they monitor the landscape for legal issues. Most importantly, ARS has persistently fought for the rights of the visual artist to receive residual payments for work sold on the secondary market. It’s doubtful that the Lawrence Foundation would be able to exist without the professional assistance and leadership that ARS provides.
Walter O. Evans

President, The Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence Foundation