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An Open Call for Art Submissions

Talented artists from around the world are invited to submit images of their works to be considered for Art Elevated, a public art initiative launched by the Garment District Alliance in partnership with Orangenius, a technology platform for the arts community. Art Elevated’s panel of esteemed arts jurors will select 90 artists’ works to be replicated on banners hung on lampposts throughout the world-famous Garment District in the heart of midtown Manhattan, creating a fantastic aerial art gallery that will remain on view from September 12 to October 30, 2018. Art Elevated is an opportunity to have your work fly high and be seen by tens of thousands of people a day. In addition, a First, Second, and Third prize selections will be awarded $1500, $1000, and $500! The two-month exhibition is expected to be viewed 21 million times, as New Yorkers and people from around the world are drawn to the Garment District as a destination for dining, shopping, and fun.

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We want to see not only your work, but also the story of who you are, and why you do what you do. Please read the Art Elevated Rules for details on submission requirements, such as sizes and formats, and to minimize any issues with your submission.

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The Art Elevated Open Call is using the Orangenius platform for submissions and to provide all applicants with tools and resources that can help you plan for success throughout the year and beyond.  The application fee is $15, however, artists living and working in the Garment District will be able to provide one submission for free (contact [email protected]).  Submission deadline is June 30, 2018

Just follow these Three Steps for submission.

  1. Fill out Art Elevated Submission –  Form 1, including your entry fee of $15.
    • The entry fee entitles you to one submission however, you can enter as many times as you would like.
    • The additional required information for submission (i.e. your artist statement) can be done at any time prior to June 30, 2018, however, we will evaluate your application as soon as your submission information is complete.
  2. To submit the additional required information, Register for a FREE Orangenius account. (You must use the same email submitted on Art Elevated Submission – Form 1.) On Orangenius, please provide:
    • An Artist Statement (Located in your Bio).
    • Upload one work for consideration in the format and size listed in the Art Elevated Rules.
    • Add a title, short description, and category to the entry on Orangenius.
  3. When your submission is ready for review, submit the Orangenius link to your work using Art Elevated Submission – Form 2.
    • You will also need to upload your high-resolution printable image on this form. See the Art Elevated Rules for the image guidelines.

Sorry. This form is no longer accepting new submissions.

Already an Orangenius member? Login Here. 

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A tutorial for submitting art to the Art Elevated Banner Competition held by GDA (Garment District Alliance) and Orangenius.

Enter at https://connect.artrepreneur.com/art-elevated

Raw vs. Jpeg https://photographylife.com/raw-vs-jpeg
8 bit vs 16 bit https://youtu.be/0UIoJ7GaIVQ
RGB vs CMYK https://99designs.com/blog/tips/correct-file-formats-rgb-and-cmyk/


 The Garment District Alliance public art program brings world-class installations to the Garment District, attracting artists and art-lovers alike. With its annual Arts Festival, year-round art installations, and the many artists and galleries who call the district home, the Garment District has established itself as a center for culture and creativity. The Art Elevated Open Call gives you a chance to have your art make its mark, en plein air, in this quintessential and authentic New York neighborhood. With artists selected by a prominent panel of art jurors and international marketing and exposure, this competition gives you the chance to have your art showcased in the most visited city in the world, gaining city-wide and international exposure.


The Garment District Alliance will award three grand prize winners cash prizes of $1500, $1000, and $500 dollars, inclusion in the 90-piece banner display, and feature the first prize artist’s work on marketing collateral for the Garment District Arts Festival. Now in its 15th year, the festival includes over 120 participating artists, arts organizations, and events. The festival, running from October 18 to 20th, 2018, attracts thousands of visitors each year.

  • 1st Prize: $1500 cash and work featured on marketing collateral for the Garment District Arts Festival (details below)
  • 2nd Prize: $1000 cash
  • 3rd Prize: $500 cash 

The first prize artist’s work will appear on numerous printed and online marketing collateral for the festival including:

  • Posters: artist’s work will appear on over 500 posters printed and distributed throughout the festival area at event venues and at studios of participating artists.
  • Festival Program Guides:  Artist’s work will appear on the cover of over 3000 program guides produced and distributed at all event venues and at studios of participating artists.
  • Ads:  artist’s work will appear in ads promoting the festival in Art in America and in Time Out New York.
  • Postcards:  Artist’s work will be on over 5,000 printed postcards, mailed and distributed at various sites promoting the festival.
  • Garment District Arts Festival website home page:  Artist’s work will be featured on the festival homepage, the landing site of all arts festival searches.  The Alliance promotes the festival on dozens of arts and events calendars throughout NYC and the region, and thousands of inquiries are directed to the festival homepage.
  • An ImageRights Ascent annual membership including three free USCO copyright registrations. A $588 value.


Ninety finalists will be awarded the following:

  • Selected artwork will fly high above the streets of the Garment District in New York City on a large banner with artist and title of the piece prominently displayed.  The banner will be displayed from September 12th through October 30, 2018.
  • One-year free Orangenius Pro Membership (value $108).
  • “Art Elevated Open Call Winner” badge on their Orangenius profile and priority placement in Orangenius search
  • An ImageRights Launch special six month membership (without the USCO reg). A $175 value (each).

All applicants receive a free Orangenius Pro Membership for six months (valued $54). Pro Membership provides the extra powerful features to help you and your work stand out. You will receive your coupon code by email after you have filled out Art Elevated Submission – Form 2 with the link to your work on Orangenius.

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All submissions are due by June 30, 2018. A panel of jurors will determine the Art Elevated winners in late July and announce their selections in early August.  The banners will run from September 12th through October 30, 2018.


Every applicant will have the opportunity to sell their artwork through the Orangenius Marketplace at only a fraction of the cost of other online art marketplaces. You can add any work to the Orangenius Marketplace by clicking the “Sell This Artwork” button on the artwork’s detail page. For more information on selling artwork on Orangenius and opening your payment account, go to our Artwork Sellers page.

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Orangenius is a platform created for artists, by artists. It was designed to put control back into artists’ hands. An online platform and collaborative community for creatives, Orangenius users can show and share their work with online portfolios and ‘visual’ resumes, give and get credit for collaborative projects, find and apply to art world jobs, open calls, creative gigs, and more.

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We serve New York’s storied Garment District, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Working in partnership with local building owners and businesses, we improve the quality of life and economic vitality in this authentic New York neighborhood. The Garment District Alliance, formerly the Fashion Center BID, is a not-for-profit corporation, established in 1993.