The ARt of You

Open Call for Submissions

We’re searching for behind-the-scenes footage of you doing your best work. From images of your messy studio to videos of you gathering research for your next project, we want to understand what makes you tick. We’ll select artists who demonstrate an unbridled enthusiasm for creativity – those who showcase the hardships, the victories, the before and the after.

At Orangenius, we understand that what goes into the canvas is far more than just paint. It’s gathering your daily inspirations and thoughtful musings; hours spent sketching, sculpting, drawing and plotting to capture just the right aesthetic or the perfect shape. It’s a studio space or spare bedroom or unkempt garage. It’s years of education, of moving forward in the face of constant rejection, of working toward success as an artist, no matter what that means to you.

“The Art of You” will highlight five participating artists whose work transcends the canvas and appears as a wholly integrated component of their daily life. From sketches to material choices, process insights and style decisions, we want to understand why you do what you do, and what makes it so great.

Five selected artists will receive a $100 gift card from Blick, a free, one-year Orangenius Pro account, plus an interview in Artrepreneur, a magazine dedicated to elevating and sustaining emerging creative talent.

How to Apply

Each applicant may submit a photo or video demonstrating their process with the hashtag #OGArtofYou for consideration.

1.  Post on your Instagram, a photo or video of what makes your art unique. Submissions can include behind the scenes in your studio, inspirations behind your work, and method to how you create art.

2.  Tag @orangenius. In your copy, include a brief description of what you are sending over and why. Be sure to include the hashtag #OGArtofYou.

3.  You may send up to 5 submissions, only the first 5 posts will be considered.


Selected by Orangenius’ creative team, five artists will win a $100 gift card to Blick Art Supply, a free, one-year Orangenius Pro account (a $108 value), plus an interview in Artrepreneur, a magazine dedicated to elevating and sustaining emerging creative talent.

10 second-place finalists will win a free, one-year Orangenius pro account (a $108 value).

Who Are We

At Orangenius, we believe that every artist or creative can achieve success when armed with the right resources. Orangenius was formed to empower members of the creative economy, both individuals and organizations, with the tools, insights, and resources to help you manage the various complexities of business.

With dynamic visual resumes, enhanced portfolios, a low-cost marketplace, one-click copyright registration tools, a robust gig marketplace, and strong educational resources to support your creative endeavors, Orangenius is a centralized platform helping artists accomplish whatever their career demands.