be on tv Competition

Want to be the featured artist in a documentary that will be broadcast to 10 million viewers on over 300 local TV stations across the country?

Orangenius will be the subject of a one-hour long documentary to air in Spring 2019.  The show will focus on the struggles artists have trying to make it in the competitive art industry.  The program will follow the journey of Burt Wolf, the show’s producer, as he uses Orangenius to bring his never-before-seen paintings to the world. Through interviews with the Orangenius Team, viewers will learn about the company, its mission to help artists succeed, and some tips on how to get there.

The documentary will also focus on the personal story and collective works of an Orangenius member living in the United States and the ways that he or she has used Orangenius to further their career. You can be that member! Additional runners-up will have their profiles and artwork shown and credited.

Submission Requirements

We are looking for Orangenius a member who can articulate how the platform will help his or her creative success. This competition is open to any visual artist member currently residing in the continental United States. Filming is tentatively scheduled for the week of October 8, 2018, in New York City. The Grand Prize Winner will be expected to be on location for one to two days. Air travel and hotel accommodations will be provided.

Selection Criteria

Five finalists

  • Your personal story and the narrative around your creative history as detailed on your Bio page.
  • Excellent artistic skills
  • Strong use of creative ideas
  • The story behind each submitted artwork and its details as described on your artwork pages

Grand Prize Winner

  • Each finalist will be interviewed via Skype by a member of the Orangenius Team.
  • We will evaluate your ability to effectively and enthusiastically describe your work, your career, future goals and your experience as a member of the Orangenius community.

How to Apply

Entering the competition is easy. Add the keyword “Be On TV” to any Portfolio you would like us to review before the deadline. That’s it!
IMPORTANT!: Your application review will be based on your overall profile but we will ONLY review the portfolios that include the keyword.  We will also only review artwork in portfolios with the keyword. This will allow you to submit only your best work.
Submission Deadline: September 18, 2018.
The Grand Prize Winner and Finalists will be announced on Instagram along with any contest updates, so please follow us to receive these notifications.

A few suggestions

It may have been a while since you have reviewed your Bio, Portfolios, and Artwork. There have been many changes to the platform, with new layouts and additional fields. We suggest you review the following before submitting.

  1. Review your Orangenius Bio to ensure it includes a well-thought-out artist statement or Bio summary and that your creative career highlights are presented with sufficient detail and in a compelling manner.  
  2. Review your Portfolios making sure that each has a cohesive set of works and a description that ties the works together.
  3. Review each work in your portfolio submission to make sure that it has a clear, high-resolution image, a title, description and details about the work.
If you have any questions about your submission, please refer to the Be on TV Competition Rules where you will find additional details and instructions that may answer them.  If you still have questions, please contact Support.
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Orangenius is a platform created for artists, by artists. It was designed to put control back into artists’ hands. An online platform and collaborative community for creatives, Orangenius users can show and share their work with online portfolios and ‘visual’ resumes, give and get credit for collaborative projects, find and apply to art world jobs, open calls, creative gigs, and more.