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What is the deadline for submission?

The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2018.  Judging will take place in late May 2018.  Winners and Finalists will be announced in late June 2018.

Who can enter the contest?

The competition is open to animators and illustrators based in any country.

The individual submitting their work must be the primary creator with the legal right to submit and take credit for the work.

You must be 16 or older to enter.

Orangenius and AWN staff are not eligible to enter the competition.

What type of work can I submit?

Work may be entered only by the creator. Submissions must be made in one of four categories,

  1. Professional Illustration
  2. Professional Animation
  3. New Talent illustration
  4. New Talent Animation

New Talent entrants are those under 25 years of age. No contestant over 25 years of age can enter in the New Talent category, however, those contestants under 25 may enter as either a New Talent or a Professional but not both.  (Proof of age will be required for Winners and Finalists in the New Talent Categories).

Entrants can enter only once in each of the two categories, Illustration or Animation. A work may not be submitted into more than one category.  All four categories will be judged on still images.

No entry fee is required.


Illustrations: two-dimensional hand-drawn works, whether through analog means, such as pen and ink, or digitally created, for the purpose of reproduction in print or other media.  An Illustration must be original, created by the artist submitting the work.  Works created for the purpose of physical display in a gallery, art show, or to be sold as a singular physical work will not be considered an illustration.

Animated work: two-dimensional work created as part of an animated sequence, however, submissions will be judged based on still frames or drawings. No animation is required for submission. Animated works must be primarily original, created either digitally or by analog means.  Where the submission includes elements of the animated scene not created by the contestant, those elements should be identified in the work’s description.

While Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo videos can be linked on the Artwork’s Detail Page on Orangenius, this is a PRO feature and will not be used as part of the judging criteria.

What information do I need to submit?

  1. Three to five unique works, either illustrations or animation stills/drawings, depending on the category to which you are submitting. (See “submission categories” above for details).
  2. Each submission must be a unique and independent work.
  3. Each work must include a title, description, and category, and the keyword “#discovered.” There is no minimum length for titles or descriptions. This information can be added in https://orangenius.com/artwork
  4. The collection of works for your submission must be added to an Orangenius portfolio.
  5. Each contestant must add a profile picture and a short description of themselves.
  6. Each contestant must choose one of the four entry types for each of their submissions (up to two entry types).
  7. Use the form located on the Discovered Competition Page to enter.

For detailed steps on submitting work and entering the competition, click here.

How will my works be judged?

We believe success comes not from just the work you create, but how the work is presented.  Winners and Finalists will have their work seen by important industry leaders and hiring managers. We want you to put your best foot forward and consider how you want to present yourself and your work.

Therefore, submissions will be judged on multiple criteria, including:

  • The creator’s technical skill
  • The interrelationship between the description of the work and the work itself.
  • The cohesiveness of the works presented together in the submitted portfolio.

Entries will be judged on the totality of the submission by industry professionals from important New York City Institutions.

What are the Prizes?

Grand Prize

One Grand Prize Winner will be chosen from each of the four categories. Contestants cannot be selected as a Winner or Finalist in more than one category.

The Grand Prize is $500 dollars and a one-on-one meeting with a prominent media industry executive (TBD) to be held either in person or via video conference. Prior to any meeting, Orangenius will determine the process and general understanding of what will be discussed. While the focus of the meeting will be chosen by the winner, it must be career advice-oriented.  Materials for review, such as resumés or artwork, must be submitted to Orangenius in advance of the meeting.  A body of work for review must include no more than 15 still images or up to three short videos lasting no more than 5 minutes each. Videos must be hosted on either YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram in order to be added to Orangenius.

The Grand Prize winner will also receive a one-year Orangenius Pro membership for free ($108.00 value).

Each Winner will be interviewed for a stand-alone article hosted on Artrepreneur (artrepreneur.com) and featured in the Animation World Network Newsletter (awn.com).

Each winner will receive a “Discovered Competition Winner” Badge on their Orangenius Bio, and their body of work given priority placement in Orangenius Search.

The Orangenius search page will include a highlighted link to each Winner’s Portfolio.


Fifteen Finalist will be chosen from each category.

Finalists will be featured in a special article announcing the Finalists, including their submitted works, on Artrepreneur (artrepreneur.com) and the Animation World Network newsletter (awn.com).

Finalists will receive a “Discovered Competition Finalist” badge on their Orangenius Bio page, linked to their submitted Portfolio.

Finalists will receive Free Orangenius Pro account for one year along with priority placement in Orangenius Search.

How do I enter the competition?

To enter the competition, please fill out the entry form located here.

The entry form requires a link to an Orangenius Portfolio, so please add your work, and create a Portfolio prior to submission.

Please see the Contest Rules or Submission Tutoriall before entering.

Only your name, email, contest category and portfolio URL are required at the time of submission. You may add or change details of your submissions, such as removing or adding work to your portfolio, replacing your work’s primary image, adding additional images to a work, or replacing any descriptions or other text, at any time prior to the deadline of April 30, 2018.

How many works can I submit with my application?

Three to five works can be submitted.

Each work uploaded should be unique, not another version of the same work. Your artwork must be added to an Orangenius Portfolio for submission.

If you would like to upload additional versions of a work, such as multiple stills from an animated film or video game, you can add up to 5 alternate images on the Artwork’s detail page.  (See the Submission Tutoriall for more details)

Can I enter the same work in more than one category?

No.  Each work can only be entered into a single category.

Can I change the image of my work after uploading?

You can change any information, including your images, titles, and descriptions, at any time prior to the contest deadline. To change an image, just go to your Artwork’s Detail Page, hit edit and click on the “Replace Primary Image” button.  If you have alternate images of your work, you add them by clicking the “Add Alternate Images” button. See (See the Submission Tutorial for more details).

What image format and sizes can I submit?

We suggest that you upload images large enough for the judges to see the detail necessary to judge your technical skill.  However, the largest size available is 2000px wide by 960px high. Anything larger will be downsized to that size.

The formats you can upload are “.jpg”, “.jpeg”, “.png”, “.gif”, “.bmp.” Animated GIFs are also accepted.

Can I submit video content?

This competition will be judged on non-video content only.  However, Pro members can add video content to any Artwork or Portfolio Page as well as on your Bio.  These works must be linked from either YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram.  While video content will not be used for judging, you may upload an animated GIF as your primary image.

Does it cost anything to apply to this competition?

Orangenius is free to join and this competition is free to enter.

Legal Requirements

All submissions are bound by our Discovered Competition Rules, the Orangenius Terms of Service, and the Orangenius Privacy Policy.